Protesters confront security forces as Iran marks anniversary of crackdown *** Scott Hall, Trump ally indicted in Georgia election case, pleads guilty *** NATO says it has authorised bolstering of forces for Kosovo *** UN to send mission to Nagorno-Karabakh for first time in nearly 30 years *** Tupac Shakur: Witness to rapper’s shooting charged over 1996 murder *** What does the future hold for Nagorno-Karabakh? *** Suicide attack on tea shop in Somalia capital kills at least seven *** Dozens dead after Pakistan rocked by bombings in two provinces *** India’s foreign minister says he briefed US officials on Canada row *** Can autoworkers fuel a labour renaissance? *** ‘All I saw were dead bodies’: Grief and anger after Pakistan bomb blasts *** Analysis: Can Sudan’s civilian leaders save their country from collapse? *** US autoworkers expanding strike at Ford, General Motors *** ‘Iraqis love life’: In conversation with Ala Talabani *** Imprisoned Tunisian opposition leader Ghannouchi starts hunger strike *** What is a US government shutdown and who will be affected? *** India’s pickle people: Decades-old culinary heirlooms, nostalgia *** Wife of deposed Gabonese president arrested for ‘money laundering’ *** US Senator Dianne Feinstein dies at 90 *** IOC allows Paris Olympics participants to wear hijabs at athletes’ village *** ‘Bold step’: Philippines vows to remove future South China Sea barriers *** Qatar mediates opening of Gaza-Israel crossing as protests end *** At least five killed as another blast hits Pakistan on prophet’s birthday *** EU’s Mediterranean, southern European leaders meet in Malta on migration *** A dozen soldiers killed after rebel attack in southwest Niger ***
About us

Inn Forum for Management's Monitor Technical Service Range:

  • A full range of management advisory & technical services determining the actual viability of the prescribed project and/ or the renovation and/ or restyling of an existing unit and EPC.
  • Technical advise and/ or assistance during the construction of the property and the furnishing equipment at its best cost effectiveness in full regard of the operation and standard.
  • Complete marketing services with international organization and agencies, public relations and event-marketing.
  • Promotional campagines, event activities and advertisement services.
  • Management of the projects and/ or properties with assurance of efficient financial and operational performance.
  • Application and optimizing of renewable energy.

For newly envisaged projects, Inn Forum for Management will undertake a specified feasibility study, determining in detail its probable viability and assist the owner/ proprietor identifying further possible sources of capital and finance if so required. Upon the identification of potential sources of finance, Inn Forum for Management will arrange technical, managerial and marketing services accordingly.