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Consulting and development

Pristine Land Owner

Frequent statement: "I got this beautiful piece of virgin land and am eager to establish a Holiday Resort"!

How to start best?

Inn Forum for Management suggests to start with:

  • Project definition
  • Feasibility study on resort project
  • Facility programme EPC
  • Location analysis and design concept
  • Land use approvals
  • Aspects of environmental laws
  • Access and Infrastructure
  • Planning of structures, interior and landscape
  • Tour operator relations
  • Investors relations
  • Financing the construction, pre-opening and operation
  • Cost and time management
  • Supervision of construction process
  • Management and staff development
  • Contingent marketing
  • Pre-opening management

Investor in Tourism

"Tourism is a growing market. I am going to add a tourism investment to my investment portfolio".

Whom to trust ?

We ask you to trust in Inn Forum for Managements:

  • Analysis of investment strategy
  • Research in investment opportunities
  • Appraisals of investment offers
  • Market & Feasibility Studies
  • Valuations
  • Property acquisition
  • Supervision during construction period
  • Operation of the hotel and resort
  • Properties:
  • Operation Reviews
  • There are several tourism properties in my investment portfolio:
  • Is there a chance to raise its earnings (RoI's)?

Please contact us on behalf of:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Redevelopment procedure
  • Expansion strategy

Operator Pioneer

What I discovered is an unspoiled region with a high tourism potential.
Now, I want to test the ground.

How to get the pole position?
Let Inn Forum for Development join you in the:

  • Project definition
  • Collecting data material about the legal and fiscal situation
  • Research on prime destinations within the region
  • Contacts within the governmental and
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Inquiry in local development concepts
  • Negotiation on official project support
  • Site selection & development concept
  • Contract with local developer or operator
  • Supervision of planning and building process
  • Financing the acquisition, construction and operation of the resort properties
  • Supervision of management and staff development

Local Authority

Our district offers amazing natural and cultural assets.
Would Tourism boost possibly the local economy?

Let Inn Forum for Development tap the global market.
What are the expectations of a global audience?
It’s quality - and we take care for:

  • Regional development plan
  • Local land use and development
  • Master plan and zoning
  • Design and marketing concept
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Traffic facilities
  • Local staff training
  • Design guidelines
  • Project management
  • International support

Inn Forum: Administration & Management
by Emperor Travel & Sports GmbH

Alfredstrasse 249
Postbox 10 10 05
D - 45010 Essen | Germany

Chairman / CEO
Mr. H. Phillip PULVER


Phone: + 49 (0) 201 95 8999 78

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