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Inn Management Service

The management services provided through Inn Forum and its assignments are set out in a detailed management contract worked out with the project ownership and/ or company. Under this agreement, the management company principally enforces the promotion and profitability of the investors/ owners financial interest as a whole.

At the same time, existing enterprises need to evaluate every aspect of their performance by establishing goals and objectives against which their achievements can be measured including;

  • The appointment of the General Manager and leading Personnel of the Project/ Destination/ Resort & Hotel
  • Supervision and controlling of the management of the Project/ Operations
  • Establishing of procedures for the administration and financial control of the Projects operations
  • Referral booking and administrative system
  • Direction of local and international sales efforts such as; Comprehensive Internet-Marketing and Maintenanc Service.
  • Public Relations; Inn Management is regularly exposed to sales and marketing events such as tourism exhibitions, editorial material being published at newspapers, in travel & trade journals.
  • Comprehensive reservation service; Having a special arrangement with representatives for provisions of electronic reservation techniques to Inn Management operated projects.
  • Representational support; Representing the product professionally at international exhibitions, workshops and seminars as well as being included on familiarization tours.

Inn Forum for Management puts a great accent on methodical selections of managerial personnel and its high qualifications for the task. We also underline the demand for individual services in predetermined brackets and its size of the operation under a centralized management.
The Company has established a renown reputation for excellence in every area of its work. By providing added value to hotel, tourism and leisure enterprises, Inn Management enables them to maximize their operational performance and to plan their future strategy with confidence!
Facility Management:

In business, facility management is the management of buildings and services. These services are sometimes considered to be divided into “hard”- and “soft” services; hard services includes such things as ensuring that a building's air conditioning is operating efficiently, reliably, safely and legally; soft services includes such things as ensuring that the building is cleaned properly and regularly or monitoring the performance of contractors (e.i. builders, electricians, renewable "green" energies).

It is the role of facility management to ensure that everything is available for the other staff in an organisation to do their work. Facility management may range from the small scale e.i. a school caretaker or janitor to the large scale manager, such as the “KISS Controls” operation of brand manufacturing. Facility Management by Inn Forum has grown to simply provide an environment which other organisations, which may be rented on demand in order to do business in a “Hospitality” environment.