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The selection of the Hospitality-, i.e. Hotel-, Resorts-, Travel- and Tourism Management, the negotiation of a management arrangement and the observing and controlling of the operator's performance is collectively the most important asset management decision usually being made for and by the propreitor of the project;

Getting all of these management steps right is a challenge for even the most experienced operator, but the outcome is vital to achieve optimum investment returns and capital values. Inn Forum for Management‘s experience in all these areas is very comprehensive. Inn Forum for Management understands and can advise on management candidate qualifications and capabilities, contractual options and contemporary management contract formats, operator fee and performance criteria and systems to oversee and reward operator performance. Inn Forum for Management can also act as asset manager or owners representative for national or international owners or institutions, and can evaluate and assist hotel and management performance through services such as operational reviews, management training and executive search activities.

  • Professional management consulting, operating at the highest performance levels
  • Proven results in optimizing profit and growth from start-ups to large operations
  • If you are doing well, we reinforce it and take your company to a higher level
  • If you are not, we turn things around so that you get to where you want to be


  • Evaluating company performance, including strengths and weaknesses
  • Convert your strategic plans and concepts into specific tactical plans that work
  • Determine how much money will be required for growth, and if that growth is financially justified
  • Employ monitoring systems to track your results and take corrective action accordingly


  • Compare yourself with temp and full time industry ratios and performance standards
  • Get the best results out of your sales team and operations staff
  • Utilize profitability concepts that are made easy to understand
  • Develop staff compensation and equity plans that provide real motivation
  • Apply useful means of renewable energy, going forward the green way


  • Improve your bottom line with cost reduction and restructuring programs
  • Evaluate your profits by line of business, geographic location and area of responsibility
  • Determine if your current working capital will be sufficient to fund your growth
  • Functional financial statements to track your business cash flow
  • Determine if an acquisition or expansion is best to grow your business

There are many more operating ratios that Optimal Management uses in assessing performance !

Inn Forum for Management exists to serve our clients by helping them achieve a broad range of goals in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism. Our success as consultants, advisers and accountants and our international reputation in this industry, depends entirely on how well we meet this fundamental challenge. Our clients are always just a telephone call away from leading experts and the most advanced resource in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.

Working together, Inn Forum for Management adheres to the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Group's stringent criteria to maintain the highest standards of client service and practice commitment today.

These standards are controlled continuously through a complex system of quality controls !